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Steering & Suspension Repair in Yonkers, NY

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Steering & Suspension Services

The steering and suspension components work together to keep your vehicle stable and running smoothly no matter where you drive. However, if either of these systems are damaged or begin to fail, it could lead to a host of serious problems. That’s why it’s essential to have your steering and suspension systems inspected regularly by our ASE-certified mechanics here at Hughes Motors Corp Auto Repair. We provide comprehensive steering and suspension services in Yonkers, NY, for all makes and models of cars.

Steering Repair in Yonkers, NY

Your car’s steering system is one of the most important components of your vehicle—it helps you stay in total control when you’re behind the wheel and contributes to your car’s overall safety. To ensure that your steering system is in top condition, it’s important to keep up regular maintenance with Hughes Motors Corp Auto Repair!

When it comes to steering repair, several different parts might need attention depending on the issue you’re having with your car. Our technicians can identify and repair any problems related to the power steering system, rack-and-pinion system, manual steering box, and more. With our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, we can quickly determine the source of your car’s steering problem and provide a comprehensive repair solution.

You’ll know it’s time to bring your vehicle to our mechanics for steering repair in Yonkers, NY, if you notice any of the following issues while driving:

  • Steering pulls to one side
  • Difficulties turning the steering wheel
  • A “loose” feeling in the steering wheel
  • Unusual noises coming from the front of the car
  • Noticeable clunking sounds when moving in a straight line
  • Vibrations in the steering wheel when accelerating or braking

Suspension Repair in Yonkers, NY

Your car’s suspension helps keep all four tires firmly planted on the road during turns and ensures a comfortable ride on a variety of terrains. However, these parts can wear down over time due to everyday use or climate conditions like freezing winter temperatures or heavy summer rains. If left unaddressed for too long, this wear will eventually lead to significant damage that could affect your vehicle’s performance.

Here at Hughes Motors Corp Auto Repair, we provide comprehensive suspension repairs, including shocks-struts replacement and alignment services as well as axle repairs and sway bar link replacements. The best way to know when you need to bring your car in for suspension repair in Yonkers, NY, is to watch out for the following problems:

  • Unusual noises while driving, such as clunking or squeaking
  • Your vehicle pulls to the left or right while driving straight
  • Bumpy ride when traversing small bumps and potholes
  • A “floaty” feeling when making turns
  • Uneven tire wear

First-Class Service from Hughes Motors Corp Auto Repair

As a family-owned auto shop, we pride ourselves on transparency and authenticity. Keeping in line with those principles, we offer an excellent 12-month/12,000-mile warranty on all of our services as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee! So when you choose Hughes Motors Corp Auto Repair, you can rest assured that you’re receiving the best auto repair in Yonkers, NY.

Schedule your appointment today online and by phone, or come visit us in person, and we’ll be sure to have an answer to all of your automotive questions!