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Car Battery Replacements in Yonkers, NY

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Battery Replacements

Your car has many moving parts that rely on electricity to function properly. Without a functioning battery, all these components are unable to work at their best. Your car’s battery also helps start the engine, turn on the lights, and power other electrical components such as wipers, radio, and more. So if your battery isn’t working correctly, it can lead to severe issues that could even leave you stranded on the side of the road.

Our expert team of ASE-certified mechanics at Hughes Motors Corp Auto Repair in Yonkers, NY, are ready to tackle any of your automotive and battery replacement needs. We only use the highest quality parts and batteries from trusted brands and offer competitive rates for all of our services.

How We Check Your Battery

At Hughes Motors Corp Auto Repair in Yonkers, NY, we use a combination of physical inspections and state-of-the-art, specialized diagnostic tools to determine whether or not your vehicle’s battery needs replacing. Our experts will check for signs of corrosion around the terminals, measure voltage output from the alternator, ask you what issues you’ve noticed yourself, and more before giving you a full report on your car’s condition. This allows us to identify any potential problems with your vehicle that may be related to its battery life or performance. And once you’re confident that your battery needs replacement, we’ll get it done before you know it!

How Often You Should Get Your Battery Tested

We recommend that you get your car’s battery tested every six months or so—especially during extreme weather conditions like freezing cold winters or smoldering hot summers—in order to ensure its optimal performance and longevity. Of course, you can make this easy to remember by simply having it done at the same time as your routine oil change in Yonkers, NY!

However, unexpected things can happen, and your battery may need to be replaced before you expect it. There are a few red flags to watch out for that will let you know your battery needs to be replaced. These include:

  • Your car has difficulties starting
  • The headlights or interior lights are dim
  • The electrical accessories are malfunctioning
  • You notice odd smells coming from the battery area
  • The battery warning light appears on the dashboard
  • Your battery’s age exceeds its recommended lifespan
  • You spot corrosion around the terminals of your battery
  • There is swelling, bloating, or leaking of the battery case
  • You hear unusual clicking sounds when turning the ignition

Noticed any of these issues with your vehicle lately? Then bring your car to Hughes Motors Corp Auto Repair in Yonkers, NY, and we’ll have you back on the road as soon as possible!

Lightning-Fast Battery Replacement in Yonkers, NY

With over 70 years of combined auto repair experience between our top-rated, ASE-certified mechanics, you can be confident that your vehicle is in good hands at Hughes Motors Corp Auto Repair. We strive to provide fast, transparent, and efficient battery replacements in Yonkers, NY, at a competitive but affordable price! So give us a call during our usual business hours listed above or swing by our shop, and we’ll get your car up and running in no time.