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Engine Repairs and Replacement in Yonkers, NY

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Engine Repairs & Replacement in Yonkers, NY

The engine is the powerhouse of your vehicle, and it’s essential to keep it in good working order. A failing engine can not only create expensive repairs but is also a major safety hazard when driving. Here at Hughes Motors Corp Auto Repair, our team of ASE-certified mechanics specializes in engine repairs and replacements to help you get back on the road fast and safely!

Our Engine Diagnostics Process

At Hughes Motors Corp Auto Repair in Yonkers, NY, our first order of business when you bring your car in for engine repairs or replacements is to evaluate the condition of your vehicle’s engine system. Physically checking the engine’s parts individually to see what’s broken and what may be fixed is an integral part of this process. Our cutting-edge diagnostic tools also allow us to perform a series of engine checks through the car’s electronic system to better isolate and diagnose any problems that weren’t caught during our physical look-over.

Once we’ve determined what needs fixing or replacing in your car’s engine, we can get to work. In order to guarantee your complete satisfaction, we will provide you with a clear and competitively priced quote that we’ll both agree on before beginning any work. That way, you won’t have to worry about any unexpected expenses throughout the repair process.

Signs You Need Engine Repairs in Yonkers, NY

There are a few telltale issues of engine disrepair that our top-notch mechanics at Hughes Motors Corp Car Repair will need to take a look at. Keep an eye out for the following symptoms:

  • Loud noises or vibrations while the engine is running
  • Warning lights are illuminated on the dashboard
  • The engine struggles to start and stay running
  • Excessive emissions from the exhaust system
  • Abnormal smells coming from the engine
  • Uneven idling speed or engine stalling
  • Worsening fuel efficiency and mileage
  • Dark smoke coming out of the tailpipe

We strongly advise you to bring your vehicle in as soon as possible if you experience any of these symptoms while behind the wheel. When engine problems are ignored, they can snowball into far larger and more expensive ones.

Do I Need a Full Engine Replacement?

Unless there has been severe damage done to it, a complete overhaul or replacement of your vehicle’s engine is normally not needed. Our ASE-certified mechanics may be able to fix certain components rather than disassembling the engine and overhauling it fully, depending on the issue and degree of the damage. But if it looks like there’s no alternative solution, we can offer full engine replacement in Yonkers, NY, with top-notch, name-brand parts. Be sure to keep in mind that your car’s engine will be able to run longer, operate better, and avoid a complete failure if you have it serviced regularly here at Hughes Motors Corp Car Repair!

Get Moving Again with Hughes Motors Corp Auto Repair

Hughes Motors Corp Auto Repair has been family-owned and operated since 1982, and our team of ASE-certified mechanics has extensive experience with all aspects of engine repairs, replacements, and diagnostics. With honesty, authenticity, and excellent service, we’ve become the go-to shop for engine repair in Yonkers, NY. Get in touch with us right away to schedule an appointment, or simply stop by the shop any time during our operating hours.